Dryland and Sled Sprint Racing Purebred German Shorthaired Pointers

~GSPs That Mush~

Great Family, Hunting, Agility, Rally Obedience, Dock Jumping Dogs Too!


A Dog For All Sports Is What You'll Get With A North Creek Sport Dog.

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Next Litter Due May 5, 2022

Meira X Deegan

This is Meira's final litter. Last chance to get a pup out of this amazing combo.

We have a couple picks available on this litter. Please contact us for details.  

Nov. 9-10 :IFSS Points Race

Iron Paws World Cup Division Championship, Cle Elum WA-

1st Place 4 dog Sprint (Meira, Deegan, Gable

4th Place 1 Dog Scooter (Kona)

Canicross 2nd Place ( Hayden and Lucas) 

Oct. 20-21 : Pacific NW Dryland Championship, Easton, WA- We Are entered in the 4 dog Sprint. IFSS points race : PLACED 1ST OVERALL IN 4 DOG SPRINT! 

Nov. 3-4 : Iron Paws World Cup, Easton, WA - We are entered in the 4 dog Sprint. IFSS points race : PLACE 2ND OVERALL IN 4 DOG SPRINT

Nov. 10-11 : Western Montana Dirt Derby, Lebrecht State Experimental  Forest - We are entered in the 4 dog Sprint. IFSS points race : PLACED 1ST OVERALL IN 4 DOG SPRINT



Thank you for visiting our website and having interest in our wonderful dogs. Established in 2008 , North Creek Sport Dogs is owned and operated by Chelsea and Ryan Dill.   We love our dogs and each one of them is part of our family and all live in the home with us. Though we started our passion for the German Shorthaired Pointer breed in 2008, we have been involved with dogs for much longer than that. For many years I was involved with a rescue organization called Columbia Second Chance, where I fostered, rehabilitated, and trained rescue dogs of various breeds to prepare them for their soon forever homes. I have also involved in herding events, agility, and obedience shows since I was a child through 4-H and various other clubs. We stay extremely busy with our dogs. We are always doing something with our GSPs whether it be working on obedience, training for upcoming racing in dryland and sled dog events, camping, hiking, swimming or whatever else we can find to do for fun with all of our dogs.


German Shorthaired Pointers are one of the most versatile dogs breeds on the planet which is one of the reasons they are our breed of choice. They make exceptional family pets, powerhouse upland hunters, exceptional water dogs, family guardians, obedience experts, agility extraordinaire, dryland mushing & sled dogs sprint racers, and are one of the most beautiful of dog breeds. They are a breed that can do it all, but they are also not a breed for everyone. German Shorthaired Pointers are highly intelligent and have extremely high prey drive, high energy, and can be very intense dogs. With proper training and outlets for those traits you will have an outstanding companion. Without it you will have a nightmare. So please, when considering a GSP as your next dog, make sure that you have the time and dedication that these dogs need and deserve as well as do ample research so you know what to expect and are prepared for your new GSP. 


Our dogs were originally bred from and trace back to our foundation female Maya(Radbach, Lehmschlogs, Vom Hesser lines). In 2014 we began to introduce all European Bloodlines into our foundation line which we find has added more qualities to our GSP's that greatly mimics what the GSP was long ago as well as has created a dog with much more substance, larger overall build with longer legs and back, but still well balanced and proportionate, highly athletic and with great stamina and endurance, extremely sound of mind, all while maintaining the excellent conformation . We believe that introducing these lines have created the perfect balance between all of the traits and characteristic that this breed possesses and which we personally prefer. We very selectively breed to make sure that each puppy that we produce is loaded with high drive, high train-ability, excellent temperament, excellent health, excellent conformation, natural instinct,  and an extreme high desire to run and work, but still be a manageable family companion. We want our puppies we produce to be able to excel in every avenue of the sporting dog world as well as be a great family companion. Our goal in our involvement with this breed is to always keep the quality and health of the breed as our number one concern. We strive to produce the absolutely best quality German Shorthaired Pointers that we can.


Our pups go to working family homes. This breed absolutely needs to have a job whether it be hunting, showing, agility, obedience events, dryland or dog sledding or a serious hiking or jogging buddy. We spend a lot of time getting to know our prospective puppy buyers to ensure that it is the right fit. Not every home or family is the right fit for one of our dogs. We will never sell one of our pups to anyone who is looking for only a hunting or working dog to add another "Tool" to their kennels or outdoor collection of working dogs.  Our dogs are not tools, we produce family dogs who love and need to be in their peoples' lives but they thrive when they have a job to do as well as lounging on your couch. That being said we also will not sell our dogs to inexperience dog owners. More often then not, these dogs are not a good fit for first time dog owners. These can be extremely high maintenance dogs and we want to ensure that each one of our puppies is placed with the perfect home with families who are prepared and experience enough to handle the breed throughout the life of the puppy/dog.


Please let us know if you have any questions for us and would like to know more about our dogs & future litters. We would love to hear from you.


***Please Note - All Puppies and Dogs Sold By North Creek Sport Dogs/Chelsea and Ryan Dill Are Sold On Contract. Absolutely No Exceptions*****

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