Meira X Deegan Litter due May 5, 2021

This is Meira's last litter and the last opportunity to get a puppy out of this amazing combo. Multiple puppies from previous litters from these to are already in competition and doing phenomenal. We have a couple picks available at this time so please contact us if interested in seeing if you are a good fit for one of our pups. 


We always keep a list of interested families so if you would like to be added to our waiting list of future prospective families please let us know. Because we keep a running waiting list we rarely have available puppies once the litter is born so its a great idea to get on the list if you are interested in a North Creek Sport Dog. If we do end up with available puppies we will post them on this page.

About Our Puppies: We first and foremost we strive to produce the ultimate family dog for active families. No matter what sport or activity we do with our dogs, they are a family dog first so that is what we produce. 


        Our breeding program is focused on producing dogs that are highly competitive sprint dryland and sled dogs that are best suited for active families. Our dogs also excel in upland and waterfowl hunting, and have been used successfully in agility, dock diving, obedience and rally obedience. They make great running, hiking, biking companions for active families but our primary goal is producing purebred GSPs that can compete at an extremely high level in dog powered sports (dryland/sled). We only place our puppies in family homes that plan to be extremely active with their GSP and that know the GSP breed well. Our GSPs that we produce have proven over the years to be extremely versatile dogs and excel in a wide variety of dog sports.


All of our dogs have OFA Hip and Elbow clearances as well as eye (CERF) certification done yearly and all the dogs we breed are cleared through DNA testing to be clear of the following genetic diseases and therefore ALL puppies produced are genetically cleared by parentage.  


Cleared Via PawPrint Genetics : Cone Degeneration (German Shorthaired Pointer) Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricosuria, and Von Willebrand Disease II.

Cleared Via PennGen Labratories for  Lupoid Dermatosis (Exfoliative Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus)-DNA


If we use a sire outside of our own males we will only breed to males who have the above state health clearances to ensure we are doing our best to produce the healthiest puppies possible.

Our GSP's can do it all while still making exceptional family pets but even with that our dogs are still bred to be hard working, have high prey drive, and intensity that make them ultimate working dogs and do not do well without a job. Keeping your North Creek Sport Dog active and spending lot of time being dedicated to their training is key to have a happy and well behaved GSP. Since puppies are not always available, it’s recommended you contact us early, as there is usually a lengthy waiting list.  We do our absolute best to pair our pups with the right families. Please do not be offended if we feel one of our puppies is not right for you

We do not take reservations on a specific color, markings, solid heads, depth of roaning, large blankets, heavily ticked or patched, etc. Picks are chosen in the order in which you have your reservation and you must be open to either color and the markings of the GSP puppies that are available in each litter. We will accept specific picks for either male or female. 



Puppy Price for this litter is $1,500.00 with a $500.00 deposit required to hold your pick.
Deposits are non-refundable unless we are unable to provide you with a puppy.

Please call us if you would like to reserve a puppy from our next planned litter or fill out our puppy application so we can reach out to you. 

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Pictured below are dogs we have produced