Meira's Race Report - Western Montana Dirty Derby

Meira’s Race Report- Western Montana Dirt Derby Nov 10-11 I have to say Montana knows how to put on a race! How did they know that I love snow so much? Someone must have told them to order snow for the weekend even though it was supposed to be a dryland race cause boy did they deliver! Snow and ice and fun, fun, fun. My Mom was a little worried but I told her to not be. I got this! Even though there was lots of snow the trail was still really great for my course each day. I love running in snow and it’s a good thing I’m out front cause those dumb boys in the back would stop and play all day long in that snow if I wasn’t telling them where to go and what to do. They are all braun and no brains, but my Mom knows that and that’s why she puts me in front so that way I can make sure we get to the finish line as fast as possible. You wanna know what is so funny though? I hardly have to work hard at all. Hehehe, those boys just pull and run so hard, they are doing all the work, all I have to do is point them in the right direction. That is exactly what I did this weekend. We won first place both days and today we ran almost a whole minute faster than yesterday. We are such good dogs. I know because Mom gave us extra, extra kisses and hugs. We love making Mom happy. Something that is not so great though is that Kona might not be running with us anymore.She ran with us Saturday but was having a hard time keeping up so Mom didn't let her run with us on Sunday. 😞 Kona loves to run and tries really hard but she isn’t as young as me and the boys anymore and has a harder time keeping up after the first couple miles. This makes Mom and us really sad cause we love having Kona run with us as much as she loves it. Mom says it’ll be ok though cause she is going to start running Canicross or 1 Dog Scooter with Kona that way she can still run since she loves it so much but can just go at her own pace. Oh, oh, oh! You know what else happened this weekend? I saw one of my puppies! I got to see Oslo, who my Mom used to call Wyatt and OMG he is so cute. I was really excited to see him and would not stop talking to him. I was talking and talking and I was so happy my butt wouldn’t stop wiggling! I was telling him all about the racing I was doing and how he is going to grow up to be a great racer too cause his new Mom also loves to race just like my Mom and you know what? All he wanted to do was chew on me and play. Kids…..they never listen. Any who…. It was a super fun weekend, and we got to stay in a super cute and cozy cabin in the wood and run and play and visit with great friends. I never wanted to some home but Mom said we had to. Bitterroot Mushers put on a great race and I can’t wait until we go to their next race in January when we get to race on the snow again but Mom will definitely bring the sled for that one. That’s my weekend race report. Meira – North Creek Sport Dogs Lead Dog , Spoiled Rotten Princess, and Mom’s Co-Pilot

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