Puppy Application

Finding the perfect homes for every single one of our puppies is extremely important to us. We throughly screen each and every prospective family to ensure we are confident that our puppies go to homes that are a perfect match. We have spent over a decade working to produce what we feel is the ideal family and performance German Shorthaired Pointer. Our dogs make exceptional family dogs but they are still very intense, high drive working dogs and are not the right fit for every family and circumstance. Please do not be offended if we feel you are not the best fit for one of our dogs. Our puppies best interest are at the forefront of ever decision we make as breeders of this wonderful breed. 

If you would like to be considered for a puppy from one of our current (if available) or future litters please fill out the below puppy application so we may learn a little about you, why you want a GSP, and what your plans are should you get one of our puppies. Please note that filling out a puppy application is not a guarantee that you will get a puppy, it is solely so that we may learn more about you and we can get the conversation started. Thank you.