Testimonials from our GSP Familes

Submitted by Donna and Doug 9-13-18 

Post from the family of Chelsea and Ryan Dill’s first GSP pup with Canadian citizenship!

Chelsea and Ryan Dill (and their two sons) breed and raise exceptional German Shorthaired Pointers; intelligent with a strong bird drive and more importantly beautifully socialized. Our jobs new parents is to not undo their good work!

What you can expect if you decide to work with Chelsea and Ryan at North Creek Sport Dogs:

  1. To be interviewed before you’re accepted to the “Reserved” puppy list

Sorry folks; not everyone gets a pup.  This is not arrogance; it’s a sign of a good reputable breeder that cares about their puppies and their puppy families.  Good fits mean happy dogs and happy households.

  1. Once approved for a puppy:

    1. Updates on the Dam’s progress through her pregnancy (with pictures)

    2. Pictures of the Sire

    3. Pictures and a play by play (on FB) of each puppy as it makes its way into the world

    4. A puppy with an excellent pedigree

  2. To select your puppy at 7 weeks old

  3. Chelsea’s advice to help with your puppy pick (based on what you indicate to her are your families top priorities)

  4. Puppies to come home at 8 weeks


   5. Absolutely gorgeous loving pups!


Thank you Chelsea and Ryan for your commitment to producing GREAT DOGS and for all your help during the process.

“Timo” is a joy!


And to the reading audience; I highly recommend North Creek Sport Dogs whether you’re looking for a hunting companion and/or hiking, biking, running and sledding partner, or just an all around awesome family pet!



Donna and Doug  - Pemberton BC



Submitted by: Jason and Tiffany Gerrard on May 11, 2016

Chelsea's love for her dogs is immeasurable and it shows in our puppy Remy! We waited awhile to get him which is just a testament to some of Chelsea's/North Creek's great qualities. She doesn't just sell her dogs to anyone; she makes sure that people who want a GSP truly know what it means to own one and in return, provide a loving and safe home for each GSP pup. This also shows what a loyal and strong clientele she has! We could have gone somewhere else, but we knew we would get the pedigree we wanted by going with North Creek and the wait was 100% worth it. Even after having our pup for 5 months, Chelsea is supportive and always available if we have questions or want to share our GSP journey with her. Knowing that she is only a phone call away and has a huge wealth of knowledge on this breed is a tremendous relief. She works hard with her dogs and has a sincere passion for what she does. Her dogs are truly beautiful and have the perfect GSP features. You will not be disappointed! She has become a great friend to us and we hope to get another GSP from her down the road.

Submitted by: Shawn and Celeste on May 04, 2016

Moxie- GSP- 1 year old 
I love that Chelsea takes time to get to know you and your family before getting a puppy and allows you to get to know her and her dogs as well. She really cares where her puppies are placed and wants to make sure you are the right fit for a GSP. We also loved that she gave us picture updates before our puppy was ready to come home. You often wait so long so seeing how your potential puppy is doing makes the wait easier. Even after our puppy came home she was such a great help with training tips when what we were doing wasn't working. Over all it was great experience and we wouldn't go anywhere else to add a puppy to our family.

Submitted by: Sande on Jun 26, 2013

I found North Creek Kennel and its owner Chelsea to be a very knowledgeable and passionate dog owner & breeder of GSP. Her love for the breed is instantly obvious when you listen to her talk about her dogs as she educates you about their personalities and characteristics. It's so important to Chelsea that you understand the bred and embrace the GSP's need for activity and companionship. I was fortunate to find North Creek Kennel and connect with Chelsea just before a litter was due. She "interviewed" me before agreeing to let me reserve a pick which made me realize how important her dogs are to her. She encouraged me to come meet the puppies 
soon after their arrival and let me spend as much time as I needed getting to know each one. My initial pick was still available when it was my turn and I was ecstatic to take "Harley" home. She's 6 months old now, athletic, intelligent, loving, and beautifully ticked and spotted. She's started her formal hunt training and her instincts are amazing. I love her to pieces!!

Submitted by: Nikki F on Jun 25, 2013


I found North Creek Kennels to be a professional breeder with a true devotion to their dogs. I received a German short haired pointer from their last litter. I was exceptionally pleased with the amount of contact I received from Chelsea Dill, the owner. Weekly updates were made to keep me posted on the puppy’s growth. I ended up with a female German short haired pointer with a strong bird drive as well as a remarkable companion and family dog. My pup is now six months old and her temperament is fantastic, her drive to hunt is exceptional, and she is an overall marvelous dog. North Creek Kennels and their owners, Chelsea and Ryan Dill, breed remarkable pups and I would never hesitate to do business with them again. 

Submitted by: Lucas and Michal Jacobs on Jun 24, 2013


Chelsea and Ryan Dill are Great People! They both are great with their dogs, and it shows! Chelsea went above and beyond what I thought a breeder should do. Not only did she inform us in every move with the pregnancy with her dog Maya, but let us know the stages Maya was in. She also let us know how Maya's vet visits were. She did this all within the month of December, which makes what she did for us who were buying the pups even more special. Like December is not busy enough with Santa and Family coming. My wife and I not only admire them for there loyalty to their dogs, But the loyalty they showed there "customers" it goes along way when you have a breeder like Chelsea and Ryan! They also provided play by play pictures of the puppies as they were born. It was like you could bond with all the pups as they were born and grew, until it was time to choose. We went to their home in early evening with our three boys and probably took a few hours to pick our girl! Not once did we feel rushed or uncomfortable. Chelsea and Ryan gave us a taste of all the Puppies Personality which in a way made it easier to find the perfect one. Now our "Ailyn" is 6 months old and we couldn't be happier with her. She is super smart, very loving, and last but not least makes us feel like a million bucks because there is not a walk that we don't take that we are not stopped and asked where we got her, or she is so beautiful, great markings! When my family is ready for another dog I will definitely get in touch with North Creek Kennels! Chelsea and Ryan KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, AND DOING IT NOT FOR GAIN, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF THE GSP. I am Grateful to Ryan and Chelsea for not only being who they are but making us feel like we made new friends for life! Love you guys Chelsea and Ryan!!! From the Jacobs Family