North Creek Sport Dogs offers the below Training options. With over 25 years of training experience with family and sporting dogs you can have confidence that we can offer you fun and effective training solutions for your dog. We focus on family dog obedience and general life skills, behavior modification training for Non-Aggressive Dogs,  as well as training for beginners in Sled dog and dryland mushing sports. We also offer youth/children training classes where we help to give your young dog handler the skills and confidence needed to handle, work, and train their dog. In all of our private, group, and board and train options we use our own personal, well trained and socially appropriate, safe dogs to work on dog-dog socialization skills as needed.

  • Private obedience training/life skills training (Puppy or Adult dog)

  • Private Behavior Modification (non-aggressive dogs only) 

  • Kids/Young Adult training classes (puppies or adult dogs)

  • Board and Train

Private Sessions (Puppy Class, Adult Dog Obedience, or Behavior Modification)

  • One Time 1 Hr Session - $75.00

  • 2 X 1 Hr Sessions - $135.00

  • 3 X 1 Hr Sessions - $195.00

  • 4 X 1 Hr Sessions - $255.00

Youth/Kids Training Classes ( Kids ages 7-18)

1 hr class : $45.00 for Private Session

1 hr class: $35.00 for Group Class :  Max Group Size 4

Board and Train

This is available on a case by case basis. We only allow one board and train client at a time. Your dog will live in our home, working with us daily. Our Board and Train option we focus on:

For Puppies under 6 months: 
- House breaking (Potty training)
- Leash walking
- Reliable sit and down on cue
- Coming when called
- Learning what “leave it” means
- Eliminating mouthing and jumping
- Crate training and car riding
- Proper socialization with dogs, humans, and small animals
- Desensitizing to nail trimming, bathing, grooming, and environmental challenges

$1,500 (2 weeks + 1 Private Session after the puppy goes home)
$2,500 (4 weeks + 2 Private Sessions after the puppy goes home)

For Dogs 6 Months and Older

With this program we work on a large variety of behaviors such as, but not limited to, leash reactivity (lunging and barking), resource guarding, reliable off leash work, separation anxiety, obedience skills, and other normal everyday life skills every dog should know.

$1500 (2 weeks + 1 Private Session after your dog goes home)
$2500 (4 weeks  + 2 Private Sessions after your dog goes home)


Dog Powered Sports Training - Mentorship Program

Does your dog love to run and pull? Are you an active or avid runner, hiker, or mountain biker who loves to do sports with your dog?  Are you interested in learning the fun and exciting growing sport of Dog Powered Sports? 

  • Dog Powered Sports Training (Group and Private options available) 

    • Dog Sledding and Dryland Mushing(Scooter, Bikejoring, Rig, Canicross) ​

Please contact North Creek Sport Dogs for more information or to schedule. 

North Creek Sport Dogs has a strict No-Aggressive Dog policy. Any dog showing aggression to humans or animals will be dismissed immediately. If you have a dog with aggression issues please contact us so we can evaluate if we can still be of assistance or if you would like a referral to another trainer who specializes in these issues. Thank you!

Training with North Creek Sport Dogs